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  • About Us

  • The New Orleans Regional Black Chamber of Commerce (NORBCC) is a 10 -Parish member-based organization that focuses on the empowerment and advocacy for Minority-owned business organizations  throughout our region. The NORBCC’s role is to engage and strengthen business. When business thrives, it can play its role of employing our citizens and engaging in important community issues. We encourage business interactions and organic relationship development through outreach mechanisms including advocacy, educational seminars, awareness of opportunities, social media campaigns, industry specific networking and affiliate partner events.

    Our esteemed board of directors is comprised of 75% CEO’s of Minority-Owned firms and 25% representative of our corporate partner affiliates. Our membership is comprised of organizations that perform professional services as well as those that provide materials and goods. Our #DeliberateSpending365 campaign encourages the support of our members by our members boasting thought and intentionality through procurement and sourcing needs.

    With the guidance and expertise of our board, we will ensure that our legacy is defined by the origination, sustainability, and expansion of our local business organizations because our journey is not a moment, it’s a movement.