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  • Financial Advisor- Internship

    New York Life
    Job Description
    Extend your education beyond the classroom – with an internship at 
    New York Life Insurance Company.
    We are seeking full-time, U.S. based students who are / have:
    • Juniors (second semester), Seniors and Graduate Students with no break in study with at least 12 credits remaining
    • A GPA of 2.5 or higher
    • Interested in being an entrepreneur
    • Involved on campus in student organizations, athletics or involved in their communities
    Here's what we ask of you:
    • Time: 10 to 20 hours per week, schedule permitting
    • Positive Attitude: A willingness to learn and a desire to excel
    • Integrity: Respect a tradition that has existed since 1845
    • Reliability: Attend all scheduled meeting and training sessions
    The rewards are more fulfilling than you could imagine – it's more than an experience and a paycheck.
    As a licensed College Agent, you will have the ability to make a lasting impact on your client's lives by helping them set and reach their important financial goals.
    You may help…
    • …young parents provide financial security for their children should something happen to them unexpectedly.
    • …business owners save for retirement and protect the business they have spent a lifetime building.
    • …people like your parents plan for the likelihood of extended care for an illness, while protecting the assets they have worked so hard to accumulate.
    You will make this impact by:
    • Scheduling appointments and meeting with potential clients
    • Analyzing the information you gather
    • Making product recommendations/sales to help them meet their insurance and financial goals
    Most important, you will provide ongoing service and support to these policyholders. As your client's needs and goals change, you'll help them adjust their financial goals to meet these changing needs.
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